Studio Art

The studio art program is process-oriented because we view the transformation of materials as a key experience and metaphor for the artist of faith. We not only teach process but also strive to create a well-rounded artist who thinks about their work in the context of their Christian faith and contemporary art practice. Students in studio art share a strong foundation in drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, and photography. In their junior year, students choose an area of emphasis, or series of courses, which focus on their areas of interest.

Studio art graduates have practiced as museum curators, professional photographers, art educators, and as professional artists in a wide variety of media, showing and selling their work in both traditional galleries and online forums.

Course Requirements

ARDE1020 (3) 2-D Design
ARDE1040 (3) Drawing 1
ARDE2010 (3) 3-D Design
ARDE2070 (3) Figure Studies
ARDE2280 (3) Illustration 1: Visual Voice
ARDE2430 (3) Intro. to Computer Graphics
ARDE2760 (3) Photography 1
ARDE3250 (3) Art History 1
ARDE3500 (3) Studio Practice and Critique
ARDE3750 (3) Art History 2
ARDE4250 (3) Contemporary Art History
ARDE4500 (3) Advanced Studio Practice and Critique
ARDE4870 (3) Senior Exhibition
ARDE4960 (3) Internship


Choose two sequences (12 credits) from:

ARDE2410 (3) Painting 1
ARDE3410 (3) Painting 2

ARDE3060 (3) Printmaking
ARDE3080 (3) Intro. to Bookmaking & Letterpress

ARDE2050 (3) Ceramics 1
ARDE3050 (3) Ceramics 2

ARDE3760 (3) Photography 2
ARDE3430 (3) Digital Photography