Graphic Design

NNU's graphic design program provides students with a balanced and comprehensive series of courses which prepare them to excel in the professional field. Unlike many programs of its kind, NNU's graphic design program requires students to develop proficiency in both print-based design and design for the online/digital environment. Each of these requirements contributes to producing professional-caliber graphic design graduates.

Students at NNU learn through individual attention in a Christ-centered atmosphere. In our state-of-the-art Macintosh lab and studios, students work on projects designed to develop their technical and conceptual capabilities, expand their capacity for critical thinking, and stimulate their imagination. Students come to understand the various cultural, historical, and socio-political forces that give meaning and value to the work they produce through discussions with their peers, faculty, and professional designers.

Upon graduation, many of our students have secured positions with top design firms, corporations, and advertising agencies, while others have successfully pursued careers as independent designers, creating books, magazines, logos, portable digital apps, websites, interactive kiosks, posters, exhibits, and advertising campaigns.

Course Requirements

ARDE1020 (3) 2-D Design
ARDE1040 (3) Drawing 1
ARDE2010 (3) 3-D Design  
ARDE2760 (3) Photography 1
ARDE2070 (3) Figure Studies
OR ARDE2410 (3) Painting 1
ARDE2280 (3) Illustration 1: Visual Voice
ARDE2350 (3) Graphic Design 1: Intro. to Visual Communication
ARDE2360 (3) Graphic Design 2: Intro. to Typography
ARDE2430 (3) Introduction to Computer Graphics
ARDE3340 (3) Design History: Industrial Revolution to Contemporary Design
ARDE3360 (3) Graphic Design 3: Information Design & Advanced Production

ARDE3370 (3) Advanced Typography
ARDE3440 (3) Introduction to Web Design: HTML and CSS
ARDE4360 (3) Graphic Design 4: Portfolio Preparation
ARDE4370 (3) Integrated Media Campaigns
ARDE4440 (3) Advanced Web & Digital Media Design
ARDE4870 (3) Senior Exhibition
ARDE4960 (3) Internship
BSNS3530 (3) Marketing Communications
OR BSNS3510 (3) Principles of Marketing
Choose 2 art history courses from: 
ARDE3250 (3) Art History 1 
ARDE3750 (3) Art History 2 
ARDE4250 (3) Modern/Contemporary Art History